Fundraising for School and Education Expenses

We understand the need for good quality education, for our children to become great leaders of tomorrow. At qikSo we are committed to offering you a platform through which you can not only create awareness for a virtuous cause such as easily accessible education to all but also raise money to support your project and realize your dreams. Through our crowdfunding programs, you can connect with an extensive network of compassionate and charitable individuals and organizations worldwide, and receive donations from them for a variety of school and education purposes.


From school stationary supplies, field trips, tuition fees for the underprivileged to academic award functions, scholarships and latest technology, qikSo offers you the opportunity to gain adequate financial aid to provide for the educational needs and requirements of our aspiring leaders of the future. While you can create fundraisers for someone you know and facilitate financial support for them, you can also employ qikSo crowd funding programs for your personal educational needs as well.


We know that higher studies nowadays come at a hefty cost that is not easily affordable by an average American. We could help you raise funds for your college tuition and assist you in realizing your dreams of studying abroad (which is not usually included in typical scholarships or financial aids). And that’s not all. Through our pre-existing fundraising campaigns, you can make your own charitable contributions for helping others in need, and transform the world into a better place.


qikSo believes that in today's world, people have unprecedented power to use the power of networks to leverage their personal capacity, and that raising money for charity and giving back should be fun.


At qikSo, we take pride in the fact that we don't take any unnecessary personal information from you.