Fundraising for Pets and Animal Expenses 

Maintaining and keeping our furry little friends healthy has never been a cheap affair. qikSo offers you the brilliant opportunity of connecting with hundreds of other animal lovers like yourself, who might be willing to extend their support in helping you, raise your beloved pets. qikSo fundraising campaigns are a great way for covering the expenses of your pet’s annual visits to the Vet, grooming, vaccination and other needs and requirements, by raising donations from charitable and compassionate individuals and organizations from around the world.


Found a cute little pup or kitten without a family in the streets? Well, qikSo offers you to chance to highlight your cause and spread the word regarding your desire to take good care of the stray until it finds a loving family, and raise money to finance the latter’s medical and food costs for the time being. From an injured police dog to our four-legged heroes that served in Afghanistan or the next door pet that was viciously attacked by the robbers, there are more than enough reasons to pay a little attention to our animal friends and help them recuperate from their physical and emotional damages.


You can create fundraising campaigns on the qikSo website and raise money for a variety of purposes ranging from the surgery of your pet cat or dog, helping out the local animal shelter by fostering animals, to promoting a charity designed for taking care of the endangered species.


qikSo believes that in today's world, people have unprecedented power to use the power of networks to leverage their personal capacity, and that raising money for charity and giving back should be fun.


At qikSo, we take pride in the fact that we don't take any unnecessary personal information from you.