Fundraising for Military and Veteran Expenses

The only reason why we are able to sleep safely and worry-free at night is because there are hundreds of men and women in the armed forces working tirelessly around-the-clock, and guarding our national territory and borders. If there is someone who really commands our undying support and respect, it is these individuals and their families who make immeasurable sacrifices for our country.


qikSo fundraising campaigns make this possible, by connecting you to a vast network of charitable institutions and compassionate individuals who are willing to do their bit in providing financial support to veteran military officers and the families of martyrs who gave up their lives for the sake of their countrymen.


From regular household supplies, medical expenses, lifestyle necessities to educational purposes and training, there are hundreds of serviceman who need a lot more than their paycheck to lead a normal regular life. Families, who have lost their loved ones to the service of the military, need substantial financial support to recuperate and adjust to their new lives.


If you or someone you know has served the military and needs a little financial backing, you can create your own crowdfunding campaign on qikSo and receive generous donations from charitable people across the globe. This is your chance to pay homage to the servicemen who dedicate their entire lives to the service of their countrymen and honor them with the love and support that they truly deserve.


qikSo believes that in today's world, people have unprecedented power to use the power of networks to leverage their personal capacity, and that raising money for charity and giving back should be fun.


At qikSo, we take pride in the fact that we don't take any unnecessary personal information from you.