Fundraising for Business and Entrepreneurs

qikSo offers you the brilliant opportunity of taking your business or entrepreneurial project to the next level without having to bear the entire financial burnt out of your own income or seed money. Our incredible fundraising campaigns help you connect with a vast network of charitable and compassionate individuals and organizations from around the world and obtain financial support for your business needs and requirements.

From starting a new project, recovering your existing company from a financial setback, to compensating for the losses of a burglary or reviving a dying business, qikSO offers you the opportunity to raise funds for taking care of your little and large business needs. We help you realize your dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur and taking your business to unprecedented levels of popularity and profitability.

While the typical debt financing instruments and products such as business loans or lines of credit can be both difficult to avail and expensive on your pocket, given the hefty interest rates, qikSo crowd funding programs allows you to turn to your supporters and community for help and provide your business the boost it needs.

All you need to get started is create a fundraiser on the qikSo website, highlighting your cause and witness money pouring in from your charitable supporters from the various parts of the world. Sharing your business plan of qikSo helps not only in achieving financial aid for taking your business to the next level but also in spreading the word about your brand.

qikSo believes that in today's world, people have unprecedented power to use the power of networks to leverage their personal capacity, and that raising money for charity and giving back should be fun.

At qikSo, we take pride in the fact that we don't take any unnecessary personal information from you.