About Us

A Platform for People and Organizations

qikSo is a personal fundraising platform that is committed to empowering people and helping them overcome hardships and lead better lives. We believe that every individual in this world has the right to lead a happy and healthy life, and that no one should have to sacrifice their dreams and passions for the want of money.

qikSo allows you to not only connect with an extensive network of charitable organizations and compassionate individuals and raise donations for your cause, but also helps you contribute in your small way to extend support to those in need.

By sharing your philanthropic stories on the qikSo website and creating your own fundraising campaigns you can spread the word about your cause and raise adequate money to support it. And that’s not all! You can also setup fundraisers for a friend or family in need and help them gather the necessary funding for sailing smoothly through distressing times.

We operate solely on donations and levy no charges from our clients for creating and running a fundraiser on our website. Regardless of whether it is for a charitable organization, a volunteering event, a community service or an individual hardship, qikSo provides you the required resources to battle the financial crunch and go ahead with your cause undeterred.

In other words, qikSo offers you the brilliant opportunity of doing some real lasting good and bringing a pleasant change in someone else’s life!