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If you are fundraising for a non-profit organization (the money goes directly to charity), donations are processed by WePay. WePay is a PCI Level 1 (that's the best), secure credit card processing service. WePay sends funds to charities in real time.  

If you are fundraising for your own personal cause (the money goes directly to you), donations are processed by WePay.  WePay is a PCI Level 1 (that's the best) secure credit card processor.  Donations are sent to your WePay account in real-time.  Link your Bank Account by going to your FUNDS page on qikSo and you can choose to have funds electronically deposited in your bank account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  Deposits can take 1-5 business days to hit your bank account depending on the bank you use.  When you Link your Bank Account, WePay will ask you to provide your bank account and routing number.  You'll also need to provide personal information including your social security (or EIN if you're a business) number.  This information is used to verify your identity and it's really, really important so be sure to enter everything accurately.