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To upload a video ( media ) to your organization's qikSo campanign page or a qikSo personal fundraising page, you will need ot upload that video first to YouTube.  If you don't already have a YouTube account, one can be created easily and free of charge at .  Once you have uploaded your video to your YouTube channel, enter the name of the video already on YouTube within qikSo's video search field.  If no video appears, it could be for a number of reasons: 

1.  The name you have searched for does not match the name of a video in YouTube’s library.Tip: Log into your YouTube account, confirm the exact name of the video, and type that name in qikSo’s YouTube search field again.

2.  The name you have searched for matches so many names in YouTube’s library that your video does not show up in the search. Tip: When naming your video on your YouTube channel, select a specific name for your video, which could include the name of your organization, the name of a person, the year, or some other specific identifier

3.   You did not set up the video on YouTube for public viewing.Tip:  In YouTube’s video manager, select the video and choose the “public” option for that video.

4.  YouTube has not made your video visible yet. Tip:It can take a few hours or more for YouTube to make a video viewable publicly (even if you can see it when logged into your YouTube account).  Wait a few hours, then go back to your qikSo campaign page and search for the video again.

‚Äč5.  YouTube has not indexed your video yet. Tip:When a video is uploaded to YouTube for the first time, it can take hours and even days for YouTube to “index” your video, meaning that it becomes “searchable”. As anxious as you (and we!) are to include the video on your qikSo page, please be patient with YouTube.Go back to your campaign page or personal fundraising page 1-3 days after the video was uploaded to YouTube to search for the video again.