Q. How much does qikSo cost?

qikSo has teamed up with payment processors WePay and Stripe to proces donations and withdrawals.  If you're in the US or Canada you'll be set up with WePay.  Users based in the UK, Australia and Europe will be set up with Stripe.

Joining qikSo is free however, there is a standard platform fee levied on any funds raised through the platform, which is 5.0% of funds raised if you meet your goal or 5.0% if you do not meet your goal.

Q. Do you recommend connecting with Facebook or Twitter?

Yes, we do! It's a simple way for anyone to log in to qikSo.  If you're a campaigner, it's a great way to let backers know a little bit more about you. It's an easy way to show backers you're a real person. You may also edit the privacy settings of your Facebook or Twitter account to control what your guests see.

Q. What is qikSo?

We're a personal fundraising website where you can raise money for anything that matters to you. From personal causes and projects to events & more. As one of the first personal fundraising websites, our experience, support, and features will help ensure you raise the most money possible.

Read more about our company mantra and team here.

Q. How will I know if someone donates?

You will receive an email notification each time a donation is made to your qikSo campaign.

Q. Does qikSo ascertain a campaign or owner’s claim?

qikSo does not ascertain a campaign’s or owner’s claims. All claims and responsibilities of each project are its owner’s. People decide a project’s legitimacy or worthiness and decide whether they want to make a donation or not

Q. What if I do not reach my goal?

No problem.  With qikSo, you have two options to choose when creating your campaign.  If you select a fixed campaign, all donations received are refunded back to your donors if you do not reach your fundraising goal. If you select a flexible campaign, you keep each and every donation you receive.  Reaching your goal is not required when you set up your campaing using the flexible campaign.