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Venezuelan Starving Children

Venezulan people and children are struggling to eat. And hospitals can\\\'t afford medicines, Children are being placed in boxes. Please Help! We are dying....

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Venezuelan Starving Children

I am a proud daughter of Venezuelan parents. And Venezula usto be a dime piece. Now my people are struggling to eat. And hospitals can't afford medicines and groceries don't have food. Children being born and placed in boxes. Children praying to drink a glass of milk. Help me bring happiness into all my young brothers and sisters in Venezuela. 

I am planning on purchasing food here in the us and distributed in Venezuela. Never sending money but food and diapers. No money is needed you can even mail. Me food diapers and more. I am looking to help the poorest of the poor out in Venezuela. I and family will be flying back and forth for free. For making a difference is our number one reason. And to the people that lie and take money from people who are starving, I hope you burn in hell!

I haven't stopped crying in years and it's finally time for me do try and help. Please keep in mind we all are immigrants here in the USA for only natives are us citizens.  My country needs help and my children are dying.



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