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Steven's well being fund

Hello, my name is Austin. I'm starting this fundraiser to help my father. I've always known him to the the right thing, and now I want to help get his life back

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Steven's well being fund

Hi my name is Austin. The picture is of my dad. I just started this campaign to help him to the best of my ability. I am now 19 years old, and have been living with my dad for the last 2 months. When I was 13 years old; our house was burned down. Ever since then it has been a struggle for my dad. Him, my sister shelby who is 17, and I pretty much lost everything. There was a time when he was living out of a tent and car for months. I've never had to live like that and never understood what kind of toll that must've taken on him. My dad is now 58 years old and still in the hole. If the last 6 years weren't hard enough for him without a home, and his kids; he was diagnosed with lung cancer about 2 years ago. He survived the surgery when they had to remove a large portion of his right lung. Just living with him for the last 2 months in the current situation that he is in has really showed me how life is going for him. I've never had to live the way he has for all these years, being a kid and people wanting to help me and my sister but not my dad. I'm going to attend college fairly soon, being that I am a ward of the state and aged out of CPS at 18 they will be able to pay for expenses at whatever school I attend in Texas. I honestly want to do so much for my dad and help make his life better, but unfortunately i dont have the expenses to do so. The goal that I set for $15,000 is just a goal, from what information I've gathered, that is the amount that will get him out of his current situation. He has had to take out loans over the past few years just to stay above water, and when the unforseen diagnosis of lung cancer struck; he hasn't been able to work and only gets about $650 a month from disability. that $650 a month goes to all the debt he owes, he gets further behind every month because he only has enough to pay the interest on loans and bills just to keep from losing what he has left. He is currently living at 3404 Oklahoma st. Kingsland TX, 78639. Any donations are greatly appreciated, I just want to see him have a good life again, before I have to leave. Thank you all for your time.


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