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Need help against crazy ex wife

My ex wife claims I am dead and sold my belongings while overseas and she fails to pay on bills.
Need help with lawyer bills because i am station overseas.

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Need help against crazy ex wife


My name is Scott Morfitt, I am a medic stationed in Grafenwoher Germany.

I divorced my ex wife in Thurston County in WA state on 23 November 2016 so you can look up and see the divorce decree and see what she did.

She used white out and changed the divorce decree giving herself the 2015 Toyota Rav4 and me the $400/month payments.

On the division of property you can clearly see that she gave herself the car by writting it in when everything else is typed. So she altered a notarized document and submitted it to court.

on 17 May 2017 in Germany I recieved a restraining order because she tried to destroy my career and try not to give back my 15 firearms. 

23 May 2017 I appeared in Pierce County court which was a surprise to her because she figured I couldn't afford a plane ticket.  I appeared in court with my ex wife previous ex husband  whom she tried to give my stuff away to.  My ex wife told the judge "I was dead". Yes she did and god I hope you look all this stuff up. The judge denied the restraining order. I also had a huge print out of the transcripts of her and I conversations and told the judge I have tried to help her to include me giving her my GI Bill (which I cancelled because she said I died has done all this crazy crap)

I have tried to get my personal property and she has refuses to give up my $35k worth of 15 firearms. She claimed she sold them and used a special power of attorney. Everything my ex has done is altered and manipulated. The local police, sheriff's office and even the WA State Department of Licensing Firearms division will not help me. The firearms are awarded to me in the divorce and legally registered to me. Yes I know it is a community property state but they are legally mine even the judge signed the paperwork.  Oh, one hour after I went to the restraining order hearing I went with law enforcement to get my guns. 3 hrs later she went to the police station with bill of sales for each weapon selling them to a "Wander Trust" with no dollar amount per sale and she checked the CWP checked ( you can not do a police check on a trust) I-594 in 2014 requires all firearm sales to go through FFL's. My ex violated that law and no one knows how to enforce it.

This is sad. I have found out that two people have accessed my medical files. My ex had her friend at Madigan Arny Hospital on 5th June 2017 from 10:49 till 11:10 and she was in the "Previous Encounters" section of my records. September last year she had someone in Alaska Bassett Army Medical Hospital. Please note that I have never stepped foot in Alaska and I was never stationed there.  They also accessed my previous encounters section of my file.

My ex wife works for the VA and she claimed I died in a military training accident May 2016 doing what I love. She also stated "I am a gold star family and to let me grieve in peace".  I have a huge problem with her claiming this and Yes I can prove that she told people this.

I am having a difficult time trying to  fund and pay for court against my ex wife who is not even paying on any of the credit bills and trying to get me kicked out of the military.  She is stalking me and thinks that just because I am stationed in Germany that she can do whatever.  I am in the 1/91 Calvary unit (Airborne) 173rd IBCT (Airborne) and I am constantly travelling to other countries for training.

If you or anyone else can help me.

I have the original documents that she altered. I have the transcripts where she lies about not being in court and lied about our divorce date.

I have documents and screen shot messages of her telling people I am dead etc and also the restraining order hearing where she tells the judge that I am dead.

Please forward and tell friends. Money that I have left over from court I will donate to the Army Emergency Relief to help soldiers and theor families.

I just want my property back. I want to get on with my life and for the stalking to stop.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sergeant Scott Morfitt


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