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Law School Student and Blessed

Need your help so that my son can fulfill his dream of becoming a lawyer. He graduates December of 2016 from American University Washington School of Law

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Law School Student and Blessed

My son, Gregory A. Ward, Jr.,  after graduation from college ( University of Delaware ) in 2008 always wanted to become a lawyer.  After graduation, he worked full time at WaWa's as a manager to save up enough money to attend law school. He was accepted to Charolete School of Law in N.C. and attended for 2 full semesters before transferring to American University Washington School of Law located in D.C..  He has been attending school full time but also working night shifts at UPS from 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. and sometimes other jobs to help pay for his education and to pay for a small apartment he rents and along with transportation.  How he manages I do not know but God always made a way for him to get thru it all.  He is currently in about $200,000 in school debt but needs your help so that he can finish out school these last 2 semesters.  All donations received will go to my son for this purpose only.  God Bless! 



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