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Desperate for help

Hey, everyone. In short, I had an emergency happen that was out of my control. I will provide any and all details to those who inquire. Thanks so much.

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Desperate for help

Hey, everyone. Housing emergency, any help is so appreciated and needed.This is really hard of me to ask, and embarrassing because it's a last resort. In a nutshell something happened last minute and I am forced to move out of my place in 3 days. I don't get paid for another two weeks and am needing to raise money for a place to stay.  I know the only time I've contributed to or seen people use this app was mainly for medical emergencies, I've just tried every last minute option and this is the only thing left I could think of. Thank you so much for reading, Even just moral support helps a lot, if you do decide to help me out it would mean the world and more. Know that it will be paid forward in one way or another. Thanks everyone.


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